Personal Solution (Life Protection)

Personal Solution (Life Protection)

Life is ever changing. The unexpected may happen beyond your control, and you may be caught unprepared. Imagine what could happen to your family when you are unable to be the breadwinner anymore due to injury or illness or worse, your untimely death.


Your family's current lifestyle may be affected, lifetime savings wiped out or even left homeless. But you can avoid all these.


Savings & Investment


Nobody will object to the idea of accumulating more cash. However, in these times of uncertainty, you also need protection against unexpected events. Life insurance provides both by combining protection and savings with potentially high investment   returns.

Traditional insurance plans provide certain guaranteed protection and saving elements, while investment-linked insurance plans can offer you potentially high investment returns with flexibility to adjust your investment and insurance cover at different stages of your life.


Product Overview


Each one of us are unique in our own ways and so are our needs. At Manulife, we take pride is offering a range of innovative products that caters to your financial protection & wealth management needs. Our agency force and financial services and advisory partners would be more than delighted to help you know more about our products and how it will help you in your future:

Life Protection

Protecting your income is just as important as earning it!

Savings & Investments

Saving and investing ahead of time is the best security measure for your future

Education Planning

Save today for your child's tomorrow.

Education Planning

Retirement is not the end, it's a start to a new amazing journey!

Medical Plan

Your health is your ultimate wealth.

Medical Plan

Safeguard your business legacy.

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